Neil Podbery Fine Art

The vast majority of my work is commissioned by private individuals. Inspiration comes in many forms from simple ideas to the most involved specifications. Commissions vary greatly from scenes of a nostalgic nature, recreating fond memories of a favourite race meeting or 'line-siding' in the days of steam, to a present-day view of an owner's favourite motorcar.

I will advise and offer any help regarding reference and composition. A preliminary drawing will be prepared that assists both myself and the client to view the potential of the initial idea and to see how that idea can be successfully developed into a dynamic work of art.

As commissioned work varies greatly depending on the client's requirements it is only possible to give a price guide after a discussion that would include; the size of the painting to be produced, the composition and complexity of the painting and finally artistic reference (e.g. photographic and archival material availability). Once these issues have been examined and both parties are in agreement, then a financial arrangement can be established.

With regard to the financial arrangement initially a deposit will be required that allows me to place the client on a waiting list. The list is formulated on a queue basis and the deposit date allows me to begin each artwork (preliminary drawing initially) in the order that I receive the deposit payment. Due to the duration involved in creating one of my paintings I prefer to receive the cost of the work in instalments that are paid at the value and timings agreed by myself and the client. (deposits are non-refundable)

As a general rule my paintings take a minimum of 100+ hours work to complete with extra time being added for more specific or complex compositions. Therefore, as you would expect, an original painting is not inexpensive.

*I retain the copyright of my artworks.

Copyright explained further in a document from the Designers and Artists Copyright Society.
DACS - Valuing Visual Arts
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